Guide to Facebook reach in 2020

Guide to Facebook reach in 2020

Facebook organic reach is the total number of users who saw your community post on their feed. It should not be confused with paid views as a result of targeted ad impressions, and viral views by user’s friends, obtained as a result of reposting your posts.

The desire of any SMM-specialist is to increase the organic reach in order to attract the target audience and successfully monetize it. But since January 2018, Facebook has been making it harder to promote brands this way. This is due to the new policy of the social network “back to basics” turning Facebook back into a platform for communication with family and friends.

As simple as possible, the new scheme can be expressed in the following theses:

  • if you want to run a business, buy advertising;
  • if you want to communicate with your friends use all the free tools.

Therefore, free promotion on Facebook in 2020 through organic reach has become as difficult as possible, but not impossible. Now, really interesting content is popular that users love and benefit from.

You can read more about how Facebook feed works in the official help. Who does not know English or who are simply too lazy to read, we briefly tell what it says.

  1. Facebook is a social network for family and friends, so their posts will be shown in the feed first.
  2. Facebook makes money when users spend more time on the social network. In simple words, it is not profitable for the company that people go to third-party resources. Therefore, posts with
  3. third-party links are almost impossible to bring to organic reach.
  4. Social media values ​​two kinds of communities and content. Cognitive which is interesting for people to read, they learn something new based on their interests. Therefore, FB began to struggle with clickbait. Entertaining for some it is a sport, for others music or painting.
  5. Facebook strives to personalize the feed as much as possible: to give users only the content that is based on their interests.

Considering these provisions, it immediately becomes clear that hundreds of identical photos of the sister’s cats will occupy the entire feed, and any uninformative post with hidden links will never appear. Therefore, for free promotion through organic traffic on Facebook in 2020, you really need to make communities as useful and informative as possible, and we will tell you how to achieve this.


Ways to Increase Facebook Organic Reach

Ways to Increase Facebook Organic Reach

The problem with people who are promoting a business on Facebook is reluctance to meet the needs of their followers. Some have been trained on useless courses of info-gypsy and are trying to create schemes, templates and the most detailed content plans, others “we ourselves know everything.”

In fact, there is only one advice do it for people, and they will reach out. Everyone knows that this is a bank’s blog, but there you will hardly find advertising publications like “buy from us”, “take our loans”. But people who constantly read the blog will mostly turn to Tinkoff for banking services.

Therefore, the first tip is to start your promotion by drawing up a portrait of your target audience. This can be done by targeting, we wrote in more detail in this article. It’s about Instagram, but suitable for any social media. After composing your portrait, find out what interests your followers and start creating that content. They will be passionate about it and at the same time view the items on display or go to the site to shop.

When creating content, you can use the following ways to engage your target audience, which will lead to increased organic reach.

  • Video content is the most popular in 2020. Start posting videos about your product, company, or helpful video tips. But here you shouldn’t forget about the convenience of users add subtitles, as videos are often watched without sound.
  • Play live broadcasts. This will help users interact with your product online, and they will also receive a notification when the broadcast begins.
  • Create discussions, because publications with a large number of comments always appear in the news feed. At the same time, do not use decoys like “write yes to find out something”, Facebook will recognize them.

Why coverage may drop

There are two reasons for the drop in organic reach, a Facebook representative told about them a few years ago.

Natural there are more communities on your chosen topic, so your materials do not always win the competition.
Artificial changes in the work of the news feed, as a result of which your posts are identified as low-quality.

The reality has not changed since then, these reasons still affect the decrease in coverage, and to a greater extent the assessment of the quality of content. To avoid a decrease in coverage, remember that it is important to make content for your target audience, it must be interesting and exciting, then the profit will not be long in coming.