Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager

Business Manager is a tool for companies, brands to manage pages, advertising offices, catalogs centrally. The problem that business owners face is that Facebook does not have all rights to its resources. The page was created by an SMM specialist, an advertising cabinet was created by a former marketer and now he cannot transfer it to the client’s property. The only correct solution, in this case, is as soon as you have created a company page on Facebook, immediately create a Business Manager and manage the company’s resources centrally. The issue of restoring access to the company’s resources will also be resolved when a marketer or agency changes.

Advertising cabinet in Business Manager

You can create an advertising account in two ways using a profile or in the Business Manager. What are the advantages of an ad cabinet that you create through Business Manager over an ad cabinet created by a profile? Only one account can create a profile, and several can be created in Business Manager, the available limit of new advertising accounts can be viewed in the Company settings. This is useful if your company has multiple pages and needs to split their budgets. Or, when individual specialists or agencies are working on advertising for different areas of the company. At the same time, all advertising offices of your Business Manager can use the pixel to create custom audiences. Within a single Business Manager, you can share resources, for example, custom audiences between ad offices.

The Business Manager admin can provide access to Facebook advertising accounts to profiles that are added as employees. The Administrator of the Business Manager can assign partner access to the advertising office of his BM to other Business Managers with whom they cooperate.

And one more weighty advantage it is possible to create individualized audiences based on data about users and clients only in an advertising account created through Business Manager. It is important to remember that an ad account created in a Business Manager cannot be transferred to the ownership of another Business Manager.

In case of cooperation of the Company with an agency or an outsourced marketer, the Company provides partner access, and after the end of cooperation, the access is canceled. All company resources remain in his ownership.

So, in Business Manager you can:

  • create an advertising account Ads Manager,
  • declare the rights to advertising accounts that belong to individual profiles or request access to manage them,
  • submit a request for affiliate access to ad offices that belong to other Business Managers.

Ads Manager payment methods

Ads Manager payment methods

An important point to pay attention to is the payment method. As a payment method in Ukraine you can use:

  • Individual card.
  • Legal entity card.
  • PayPal

However, if you add a card of a legal entity to close accounting, you need original documents from Facebook, which you will not receive, it is only possible to print invoices electronically.

That is why the card of an individual is often used. In this case, this user must be the owner of the advertising account or the administrator of Business Manager in order to control the budget expenditure from his card. You can add an additional payment method and if there is no money on the main card, it will be debited from the additional card.

If Facebook was unable to withdraw funds, it stops all advertising campaigns in this account and blocks some of the functions for setting up advertising and transferring rights. As soon as you replenish the card and make a payment, the advertisement will be shown again and all the functions of the advertising cabinet will work correctly. In Business Manager, which has an Ads Manager with outstanding debt, the ability to create new ad accounts is blocked.

Is Business Manager the best tool for business?

We recommend creating Ads Manager, Business Manager using the profile of a real person, whose identity can be verified by documents; his profile picture must be on his profile avatar. Everything related to promoting a business, launching advertising, Facebook carefully checks, and for any suspicious activity, a hint of violation of the rules, can be blocked. In the case of a real profile, you can easily solve this issue with support, you only need to send documents. If your Facebook profile has a fictitious name and a cat on your avatar, the issue will take much longer, or the problem will not be solved at all.

To manage resources in Business Manager, user profiles must be added as employees. An employee can be presented with both standard access of Business Manager employees and administrator access.