Page promotion on Facebook

Page promotion on Facebook

Facebook is both a popular and extremely difficult social network for a Russian-speaking user. It provides a wide range of tools for advertisers, including setting up Instagram ads (fine, targeted many times better than the one that is performed through a mobile application). But the requirements for advertising are serious, the probability of account blocking is high, and much more.

Facebook remains the most promising ad platform, but every opportunity should be taken to get results. In this article, we want to share a few tips about:

  • how to promote business groups;
  • personal brand;
  • what paid and free promotion methods exist.

Business groups

Promotion of a business through a personal profile is unnecessary difficulties: the lack of the possibility of using the name. the words “restaurant”, “online store” and many others. The format is not the same.

Groups are also not suitable. Group communication, not business. Facebook is strictly with this, there may be problems with moderators, blockages and nerves. There is no branding as such, the ultimate dream is to install a logo instead of an avatar. The coverage of posts is minimal, they rarely appear in the news feeds of subscribers.

The only option left is Fan Page (business group, public). The advantages are obvious:

  1. Single-handed broadcasting on behalf of the organization. Discussions, communication at least.
  2. Ideal for telling about a company, history, products, new products.
  3. Suitable for brand building.
  4. There is a cover, twice as much space to attract attention: cover avatar.
  5. It gets into the index of search engines (if there is a site, you can publish article announcements, the latter will be indexed faster additional traffic is possible).
  6. Customers are more loyal.
  7. The ability to customize blocks with contacts, other information reviews.
  8. Customization of targeted advertising is available.
  9. There is a shortened URL (link).
  10. The publications proposed by subscribers appear on the wall only after passing the moderation of the public administrator.
  11. The ideal combination is a Fan Page and a company website, through the social network you increase your reach, attract users to the site, where they can already become customers.

Personal brand on Facebook

Personal brand on Facebook

Facebook allows you to fully “pump” your personal brand. To do this, you will have to make an effort, it will be more difficult without cash investments, but you can do it. For a “classic” profile, the instruction is as follows:

  • we clean the page from “garbage” (old uninformative entries) or create a new one;
  • we add photos and information “about ourselves” with a listing of what you can be useful to other people, what skills it has, and so on;
  • we begin to fill with high-quality content that will be of interest to the target audience of your brand: useful educational information (life hacks, cases, checklists, article announcements),
  • commercial posts (offers, promotions), entertaining content (photos, thematic humor).
  • become helpful to others go for a personal mini-blog format.

Photos on Facebook, although important, are required only to attract attention correctly composed text, a unique selling proposition (product, service) is much more effective. Learn to write or trust content makers for an extra fee.


Free methods to attract subscribers

If you are not going to spend money on promotion, you want to save money, then the following methods will certainly work:

  1. Invite contacts of people tied to your e-mail.
  2. Add your friends to the community from your contact list. An invite to a friend is not about attracting a target audience, but rather a way to expand your reach to find a target audience.
  3. Subscribe to the accounts of people with a personal profile.
  4. Create a “catchy” style for the group so that you want to explore the content as you move. Use the Canva app 13 a month paid version) to build a cover art and an attractive avatar.
  5. Specify as much information as possible, fill in all the required fields so that people can find the public using Facebook search.
  6. Spread posts through Suggest to other groups.
  7. Try to negotiate mutual PR. Even if you have 100 subscribers, find a similar fan page.
  8. Tag people with so that posts appear on their pages the user’s friends will also see them. So, you can organically attract additional traffic.